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Founded in 1912 by the German oil pioneer Hermann von Rautenkranz, the ITAG Group is looking back on a rich tradition and is still privately owned today. ITAG belongs to the Arabian International Petroleum Corporation in Doha, Qatar, represented by the 100% shareholder Dr. Jaber A. Al-Marri.

ITAG covers a wide range of activities for the exploration and production of natural energy sources as oil, gas, and renewable energies. Our worldwide activities and services and our extensive product portfolios are represented by the following individual companies within the ITAG Group:

Organization Chart ITAG Group

ITAG Valves & Oilfield Products GmbH
Development, production and sale of equipment for the oil and gas industry.

ITAG Tiefbohr GmbH
Drilling, workover and service for the oil and gas industry and geothermal energy providers.

Mechanical processing, long turning up to 30m, deep hole drilling up to 20m, drill string components and hydraulic winches for all kinds of application.

Hermann von Rautenkranz Internationale Tiefbohr GmbH & Co. KG ITAG
Holding company - profit centre for the oil and gas production.

Austrian Drilling & Production Services GmbH
Drilling, Workover and services for the oil and gas industry in Austria.